Friday, May 4, 2007


a broken heart
givin by my best friend
im fallin apart
my life has come to an end
please forgive me i just cant go on
tears are what i see
with the commin of dawn
the sun comes out
i start to cry
i want to shout
i want to die
you killed my soul
with a jagged knife
dug my hole
and took away my life
the last i seey
our stunning face
we will never be
so amoung the dead i take my place

Friday, February 23, 2007


yeah. my friday night's are always pretty boring.
i need a life. haha. seriously.
but yeah. today really sucked.
i totally wipped out in my 1st perioud class, and now mu knee's all screwed up.
thats gonna be joyous for volleyball on monday.
ha, well i have a party to go to tomorrow night, and i plan to chill sunday.
thats about it.
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untitled. by: liz cross

you make me feel out of my element, like im walking on broken glass.
everytime you speak my name, my world stops.
all i really want is you to hold me in your arms.
i miss you, miss you so bad.
you're always on my mind.
you're all i can ever think about.
i wish that i could see you again, but i know that i cant.
all i wanna do is hold you.
touch you.
feel you.
all night, always.
your voice was the soundtrack of my summer.
you're the only thing holding me back.
i count down the days until i see you again.
i miss your laugh and your smile, and the way you always knew what to say.
you're the one i wanna be with.
i thought i would be able to resist you, but i only ended up in love with you.
you've got a kind of magic in your fingertips that leaks out all over my skin.
all i see is your face and all i need is your touch.
is it really you or my innocence that i miss so much?
at night i lie awake wondering if im on your mind, if you even think about me at all.
visions in my mind of the day that we met.
you showed me things that i'd never forget.
you had my head up in the clouds and made me feel like i was floating.
it's like ive spent forever searching, but with you it feels like i am finally home.
you manadged to disarm me, and now i surrender my everything to you.
you stole my heart before i could say no.
you leave me speechless when you speak to me.
and you leave me breathless the way you look at me.
i'd run a million miles just to hear you say my name.
i'd do anything to get one more day with you, just to be in your arms.
i dont think you'll ever truley know how much i've fallen for you.
with the planets all out of line when you looked into my eyes.
and just like that, the chemicals react.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

one last time. by: liz cross

i lie in bed at night thinking of you
tosing and turning, wishing you were here
my mind floods with the images of your face
my only wish is to be with you
to lie wrapped up in your arms one last time
to look up into your eyes and see you smileing down
then to hear you whisper "i love you"
just one last time

surrender your love. by: liz cross

I recall falling madly in love with you
Everytime you caught my eye my heart would pound.
Begin to race so fast I could hardly breath.
Gasping for air at the very sight of you.
Lungs tight, stomach weak.
You're everything I've ever wanted.
Everything I would ever need.
There's nothing left to lose, there's nothing left to prove.
Just surrender your love, thats all you can do.

howdy ya'll!

hey guys!
this is like my first blog (aside from myspace) ever.
as of right now, im in yearbook class and not doing anything.
ok. so im a pretty cool person.
once you get to know me, im pretty outgoing and funny.
i have many friends, but only few close ones.
i'm 5'9" and play volleyball.
it's my total passion and obsession.
nothing comes close.
rebecca says hi.
my school officially sux.
i really dont enjoy going here.
umm, well yeah. i guess thats it for now.
if anyone wants to check out my myspace it's
later guys!